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How to Speak Rabunite

A Flatlander and a Rabunite meet in the parking area at THE RIVER about dark-thirty. The Flatlander asks, “Did you have any luck?” To which the Rabunite replies, “Shonuf did – lucky to be here on THE RIVER today.”

“I mean any luck fishing?”

“Hadda couple of raisdums so I switched to a tandum rig — ya know, a tractor-trailer rig. Then had three burndums and upcapped a couple more. Got below a bug factory just when the switch went on. Then I hipolum three gooduns and invited them to dinner. They wuz dumplins, all sidewinders and drifters. It’s OK to eat them. They’re like Doritos; the hatchery will make more of em. WAAaah WHOooo! Knowhutimean??”

A foreign language? No, not really. You have heard of “street wise” and “street slang”? Well, this is kinda like that. Rabunites talk in “RIVER slang.”  To help you converse with Rabunites you encounter, here is a glossary of terms:

Flatlander – resides south of Tallulah Falls

Rabunite – usually a member of Rabun TU

raisdums – the fish just came up to look and went back down

tandum rig – 2 flies

tractor-trailer rig – attractor fly with a wet fly or nymph on a dropper

burndums – definite contact with the fish

upcapped – fish getting off before netting or fondling

bug factory – shallow water over a cobble bottom on a slight gradient

switch went on – trout feeding frenzy begins

hipolum – immediate removal of the fish from the water

gooduns – any trout, Flatlanders call them “NICE FISH”

invited them to dinner – put them in the creel

crispy critter – A small trout (usually 7 inches or less) fried golden brown and eaten bones and all!   Yum-Yum!

fodder – A whole mess of crispy critters.  Fodder of brookies is the main staple diet of Rabunites when West of Hiawassee.

dumplins – freshly stocked trout dumped from the bridge

sidewinders – stock trout with some fins missing

drifters – stock trout with all of its fins missing

churning butter – When playing a wild brown trout and it rolls showing that beautiful ‘butter’ colored underbelly, the angler tells his partner it is “churning butter,” meaning it’s a wild brown trout.

earning its wings – When playing a trout and it jumps and goes airborne (usually a rainbow trout), the angler tells his partner the trout is “earning its wings.”

bronze wings – for one airborne jump

silver wings – for two airborne jumps

gold wings – for three airborne jumps

platinum wings – for four airborne jumps

a ruby – it earns one ruby for every jump in excess of four

Example: A trout that jumps airborne 6 times has earned platinum wings with 2 rubies.

A Few Other Rabunite Terms

fondling – handling trout for a “grip and grin” picture

horsum – identified by a piece of fish lip on the hook

brokoff – a defective hook or a tree in the wrong place

defective knot – a broken tippet with a little “pigtail” on the end

chopper – trout stocked by a helicopter

keeper – same as GOODUN

Georgia nymph – a cricket; you know like, “Jiminy Cricket”

passenger train – using 3 or more dry flies at one time

freight train – using 3 or more wet flies or nymphs at one time

haulin heavy freight – adding sinkers to a freight train

pig farm – a stream where the trout are fed trout chow

gold is where you find it! – discovering seldom fished trout waters

Dr Pepper fishing – Remember the old Dr Pepper advertising slogan: “10, 2 & 4”?  An angler (usually a flatlander) who starts fishing about 10 AM, takes a lunch break at 2 PM, and quits at 4 PM is said to be on the Dr Pepper fishing schedule.  Then in the parking lot the Dr Pepper angler often tell the Rabunite just getting ready to start fishing: “You are wasting your time, they need to stock more trout in here!”

got your thermometer wet – When you and your partner are wading wet and one of you wades in deeper than his crotch, the partner says: “I see you got your thermometer wet.”  Then he might ask: “Just how cold is it?”  The answers can vary greatly!

West-of-Hiawassee – more good places to fish, like the ‘DREAM TRIP’

Where? – “I don’t believe I said.” (I.D.B.I.S.)

To get into the Rabunite Camp, here are the answers to the admission quiz:

1) Q: What’s the best trout fishing spot in GA?

A: Alongside a Rabunite

2) Q: What’s the worst?

A: Behind a Rabunite

If you are quizzed on the Rabunite terms and correctly score:

90 – 100%: Master Angler or a Rabunite Guide, soars with the Ospreys

80 – 89%: Accomplished Angler, Fishes with a Rabunite Guide

70 – 79%:  Typical Angler, Fishes Behind the Rabunite Guide

60 – 69%: WannaBe Angler, Watches others fish while carrying lunches & cameras

Less than 60%: Just a plain ole ‘Flatlander’

“Fishing is life. The rest is just details.”

— The Ole Rabunite