Mar 25: Stream Clean-Up Project

February 4, 2023

Saturday, March 25. Stream Clean-Up Project.

Our first Conservation Team project of this year is the Earls Ford Stream cleanup to the Chattooga on Saturday, MARCH 25th. We will meet at Hatch Camp and Art Farm on Joe Speed Road at 8:30 AM to park cars, separate into teams, and gear up.

In order to be done by around, noon, we will need 3-4 trucks with a driver and 2-3 people per truck to pick up. Our goal is to have a minimum of 12 people so we can get done on time. Since there are only 10 of us on the Conservation Team, we need you to bring your friends, neighbors, in-laws and outlaws.

For your protection, please bring heavy gloves and trash pickers if you have them. We will supply heavy duty trash bags.

Our goal is to do the cleanup to the Chattooga.

Please put the date and time on your calendar, and please contact me by phone(828-371- 1633) or email me to confirm your attendance.

Steve Perry


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Fellowship and Fly Fishing

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Special Award to Terry Rivers

During the Fall Chapter Campout, Vice Prez Tammy presented Terry Rivers with a special award in recognition for all his hard work in coordinating the Chapter Campouts, including setting up and taking down the shelters and planning the meals. Tammy presents a Thank You card signed by all the campers and a $20 gift certificate for Burger King. Terry can use the certificate at his daily morning old men coffee klatches at Burger King! Thank you, Terry!


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