Rabun TU Needs a New Meeting Location

August 10, 2015

As we have all read in the paper, and heard through the grapevine, the Scout Hut has been condemned and we are again in search of a home–a place that the Rabun Chapter of Trout Unlimited can call its own. The Scouts have found a home at the American Legion building in Mountain City, and they will continue to meet on their scheduled Tuesday nights. Thursday is the Legion’s night for cooking. So, where does that leave us? It means that we must find a new home.

In this respect, EVERYONE needs to put their “Sherlock Holmes” to work to think of a place where we can meet regularly, that has both heating and air, that can accommodate our need for storage, and do it quickly, as we are out in the proverbial cold now. The Board of Direc- tors is open to any and all suggestions. And, we are even considering changing our meeting nights for both Chapter and Board back to Tuesday.

I know this is “west of the Hiawassee” time, and I also know that Rendezvous Chairman Ray King is gearing up to begin our solicitations for this coming Rendezvous, but WE NEED A HOME! Please contact either Vice President Kent Wilson or me with your ideas. And, if there is a really generous soul in the group, maybe we could even consider pur- chasing a meeting place. We can dream, can’t we?!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, this affects us all, so put on your thinking caps, and don’t let any idea go un-researched.



  1. Scott Edwards says:


    I am a new member of the Rabun chapter of Trout Unlimited since early spring but wondered if there’s an email list I should be on and if there is a Rabun Chapter Trout Unlimited newsletter that I should be receiving because I have never heard from the chapter – only what I gather from the RabunTU website. I have received my info from the national offices and a nice 2016 calendar this past week! I haven’t been able to attend the last few meetings but I will be there for the August meeting tonight. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Scott Edwards

  2. admin says:

    Hey Scott! I will pick up your email from here and add you to the newsletter list. I will forward you the last two months newsletters also after I return home Monday or Tuesday.

    Tonight’s meeting will be a good program. We will be meeting at Rabun Gap Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall (behind church) starting at 6:30!

    Glad to have you join us!!

    Michele Crawford

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