Results of Chapter Campouts Survey

March 3, 2013

Compiled by Directors Wayne Prosser & Frank Patton

  1. Continue two annual campouts – almost everybody is in on that and said they would attend.
  2. Camps should be 3 or 4 days duration within window from Wednesday thru Sunday am- pretty much as now.
  3. Food and all cooking would be provided by Chapter for some TBD meals. However, anybody could bring their own stuff as well. (‘Need to decide on which meals and when, etc.)
  4. Meals would be provided with fees paid for in advance. (Consider higher price for those who just show up at camp w/o previous commitment, as contingency)
  5. Divide camp days and assign daily camp responsibilities so work is shared thru-out week.
  6. Annual campouts would be at Cherry Hill in spring and (?) in fall. (More discussion needed on this….)
  7. In addition to the two annual chapter campouts, support camping at other sites, such as NC, TN, VA, “West of Hiawassee”, etc. 8) Chapter hosts special fish camps (specific requests) for youth (Boy &/or Girl Scouts, others). They learn to fish, we cook and mentor.
  8. Create a BOD position/function as “campout director” or something like so one person is responsible to make it all happen. That person could then form a committee for specific actions needed. This Director would then study and advise on logistics, such as food, equipment, storage, etc. (Thank you Director Glenn English, who volunteered for this. )


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