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Combining Recreation and Conservation

Rabun TU often combines a chapter camp-out with a work project.

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Rabun TU has developed a close working relationship with the U.S. Forest Service, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and other local groups to support conservation efforts for local public coldwater fisheries and their watersheds with hands-on volunteer labor.

Award-Winning Work

In 1992, the USDA Forest Service presented the Chapter a “Certificate of Appreciation” for its volunteerism, and Rabun TU recieved the Chapter Silver Trout Award in 1989. Members of the Rabun Chapter have also received national recognition for their conservation work. TU awarded its Professional Conservationist awards to Rabunites Monte Seehorn in 1988 and to Jeff Durniak in 2006, its Distinguished Service award to Doug Adams in 2004, and its Youth Education Leadership award to Kathy and Charlie Breithaupt in 2007.

Rabunites Clean Stekoa Creek in Clayton, June 2010

On June 26, 2010, a dozen Rabunites put on waders and rubber gloves and tackled a dirty job. The group got in the polluted Stekoa Creek in Clayton, Georgia, and cleaned up a stretch from McDonald’s up to the Indoor Flea Market.

When asked the purpose, project leader Chris Whitley said, “The national Trout Unlimited organization initiated a stream clean-up program to improve troubled waters and to draw attention to areas of need”. Our Chapter chose Stekoa Creek because it needs a lot of help. “It’s sad to have such a polluted stream going right thru the heart of our county,” said Rabunite Charlie Breithaupt.

“The good news is that TU and several other organizations are pitching in with their time, money and resources to bring attention and improvement to Stekoa Creek. I actually think that someday Stekoa Creek will become an asset instead of a liability to our community,” Breithaupt said.

The Rabun TU Chapter would like to thank all the landowners along Stekoa Creek who gave permission for access to accomplish the clean-up, to the County for allowing us to deposit the trash at the recycle center at no charge, and for those who volunteered.

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Chapter Contributes to Chattooga DH Section Access Improvements

Parking and access to the trails going up both sides of the River got a little better this summer thanks to the USFS folks and four of the local TU chapters in Ga and SC. More details here.


Fellowship and Fly Fishing with Mike Fuller

First fall trip is October 11, 2017.  For more information contact Mike Fuller at or 706-201-0138.

Make your plans now for the fall chapter campout!

Nov 1-5:Rabun Chapter TU Fall Campout At Oconee State Park, near Walhalla, SC. Reserve your own site, but all the cooking, storytelling, campfire sitting, etc will be at Site #93.  More details here.


No easy fix for felt!

Felt is a superior wading sole, but it’s also a transmitter of aquatic invasives. Sadly, there’s no easy fix. It’s on anglers to clean their gear thoroughly. A very important read from TU National.