Scoring Falls: The Rabunite Method

To add to your enjoyment of a day on the stream with a fishing companion, you can “score” each other’s falls (note: a lone angler is neither capable nor qualified to score his own falls).  Falls are scored on a scale of 1 to 10 points.  The angler with the lowest total score at the end of the day wins.  So even if you are ahead in points towards the end of a day, don’t give up hope.  Some of the highest scores are earned when an angler attempts to exit the stream after dark.   I know — I’ve done it many times.


1                         Down on one knee; or one hand; or stepping off a ledge to bellybutton deep

2                         Down on both knees; or one knee plus one hand

3                         Down on both knees plus one hand; or 2 hands and 1 knee

4                         Down on all fours, down on one side up to shoulder, or slipping neck deep off a ledge

5                         Down on one side to neck deep

6                         Down on the butt to neck deep

7                         Down to neck deep with a roll of 90 degree or more

8                         Face Down and comes up spitting water

9                         Top of head goes under

Perfect 10         Top of head goes under with the loss of hat &/or glasses

When to Award Extra Points

1 point if Angler has a wading staff

1 point on extra duration, double dipping, or washing downstream 5 or more yards

1 point on style if Angler displays fancy break dancing steps and the hand motions of a high-wire walker before going down

1 point each if water AND/or air temperature under 50 degrees F

1 point if THE FALL is witnessed by one or more total strangers

1 point if Angler has a “trout-on”

1 point if Angler has to stop and empty his waders before continuing to fish or walk back to the vehicle

1 point if Angler loses his fishing rod

1 point if Angler does not see the humor in it all

When to Deduct Points

1 point each if water and/or air temperature over 60 degrees F

2 points if the Angler shouts an expletive when he slips (but BEFORE going down) so his partner can enjoy the entire event

2 points if the Angler eventually lands the “trout-on”

1 point if Angler “laughs it off”

Trout fishing is about relaxing and having fun in beautiful environs. Enjoy yourself when you’re alone seeking an envelope of solitude or when sharing your solitude with family or a good friend. Take a kid fishing.

“Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after” — Henry David Thoreau

— The Ole Rabunite

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