Four Rabun TU Members “Tie One On” at Bass Pro Shops

March 29, 2013

On Saturday, March 9, Tie-1-On at Bass Pro Shops. The Rabun TU Chapter tiers were Terry Rivers, Kyle Burrell, Doug Hickman, Charlie Breithaupt. They took turns tying and produced a total of 131 flies. The total pledge amount was $291.52 by the following 13 members: Ray King, Kent Wilson, Crawford Art Gallery, Sid Berkstresser, Wayne Prosser, Steve Perry, Glen English, Larry Walker, Tim McClure, Mike Fuller, Jerry Webb, Doug Adams & Pat Hopton. Funds raised go 30 percent to our chapter and all the flies we will be use for bucket raffle at the chapter meetings. The remainder 70% of the funds will go to charities through the GA TU Council.
Report filed by Terry Rivers


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New Kiosks at Burrell’s Ford

The Rabun Chapter recently donated funds to help pay for a new kiosk to be located at the Burrells Ford Bridge, near the trailhead to Ellicotts Rock. The kiosk will encourage visitors to practice “Leave No Trace” outdoor recreation. Read more here.